BIO-SOLVis a heavy duty cleaner - a biodegradable water based degreaser (oil dispersant). It disperse and remove all types of oil, grease, wax, and stains, leaving the treated surface cleansed and back to original condition without any short or long term effects.

is locally researched and formulated by a lecturer from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (U.T.M), blended and manufactured in Johor, Malaysia. It utilizes non-hazardous material and water as it's main ingredient, thus it's an environmentally friendly product, which biodegrades and easy to use. An excellent alternative choice.

BIO-SOLV is specially designed  into 3 categories which varies on it’s usage and application type.
  • BIO-SOLV 12    super heavy duty industrial cleaning job - not suitable for painted or coated surfaces.
  • BIO-SOLV 10    heavy duty industrial cleaning job - suitable for all surfaces.
  • BIO-SOLV 8      for everyday fast and easy mild cleaning job
Packaging ; we provide packaging according to customer's requirement, in various volume packaging sizes :          
  • 1 Liter /Jerrycan
  • 5 Liter /Jerrycan
  • 25 Liter /Carboy
  • 205 Liter /Drum
  • 1 Tonne /ICB Tank
Transportation is upon pre-arrangement.

What Is Oil Dispersant?


> Chemical formulation with active ingredient, surfactants.

> Surfactants are specifically designed chemicals that have hydrophilic (water liking) & oleophilic (oil liking).

> Surfactants reduce the surface tension of hydrocarbon molecules in oil - oilspread out - collected in droplets.

> Surfactant molecules posses hydrophilic head groups associate with water molecules, oleophilic tails associate with oil.

> Our oil dispersant / degreaser products, contain many different surfactants ingredient blended with, to solve all oil characteristic matters.

What is Water Based Degreaser?

> Natural degreaser.

> Able to dissolve and remove most waste matter, organic, inorganic or petroleum hydrocarbons.

> Water is a unique nature-based degreaser.

> It’s biodegradable -alternative,  to petroleum-based, fluorinated and chlorinated solvents.

> Takes on tough jobs by efficiently dissolving and removing grease, oil, crude oil, organic oils and fats and much more.

Why Water Based Degreaser?

Addressing the environmental problems, both in an effective and cost-competitive manner. Below are the reasons why water based degreaser is the right choice;


Eliminate Hidden Costs

Safety, environmental, transportation, handling, and storage issues is true cost of using traditional cleaners and other products that contain harmful ingredients much greater than that of nature based cleaners.
  • Environmental Contamination Safety
  • Precautions and Handling
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Health
Eliminate the Extra Costs

Safety clothing costs required for handling many traditional cleaning products. Costs associated with equipment contamination due to hazardous materials use in pipes, tanks, process vessels, pumps and conveyor systems.

Reduce Workers Compensation Costs

Exposure to harmful toxic substances and chemicals can damage the nervoussystem, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, heart, liver and skin and cause a variety of job related health issues.


In human terms, many illnesses such as cancer, lung disease and others increased byexposure to toxic substances in the workplace.What is the true cost of these toxins to human life. International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)  has classified various solvents and chemicals found in cleaners as possible human carcinogens.

  • Skin Conditions
  • Nervous System Problems
  • Respiratory Ailments
  • Gastrointestinal Issues
  • Heart Problems
  • Liver Problems

The Environmental Choice

> Water based degreaser made fromnatural ingredients is rapidly biodegradable.

> Safe to use and also environmentally safe to dispose of as they dissolve waste (base on oil) into nano particle size in a large volume of water or flow water.

> Neutral chemistry eliminates the need to manipulate waste water pH levels prior to discharge.

> The absence of hazardous ingredients or other substances harmful to the environment eliminates site contamination issues due to accidental spills.

> Nature based products do not emit gases that harm the ozone layer and contribute to the production of greenhouse gases.

> Protecting the ecosystem has become a major concern for large and small businesses. Harmful substances contaminate the immediate system, but also effect downstream water systems or land disposal sites.

> Most harmful contaminates do not break down and must be dealt with by future generations. Emissions from chemical or toxic materials contribute to the harmful effects of greenhouse gases causing air pollution.

> BIO-SOLV rapidly biodegrade products completely eliminate these issues with proper prescribed procedures:
  • Waste Disposal Costs
  • Cleanup Time
  • Associated Energy costs

Product Application

BIO-SOLV is a multipurpose oil degreaser and dispersant, suitable for various kinds of applications and conditions. It can be applied to all types of industrial fields as shown below;


Used both in Petrochemical and Oleo-chemical to get rid of thick greases, stains, sludge as well as odors from tanks, pipe lines, valves, drain openers, sludge traps and etc.

Cleans, degreases and disperse heavy grease and oil build up on surfaces and hard to reach areas. Great for engines overhauling, heavy machinery, industrial equipment maintenance and mechanical parts cleaning.

Mainly focused on oil spill accidents on sea or sea shores. Solutions is sprayed onto the oily surfaces and it will disperse into the sea, thus making it easy to use, environmentally friendly and safe for the marine ecosystem.

Suitable for fast and effective cleaning jobs on huge areas with very minimal scrubbing activity and instant residue removal.

Widely applicable at airports and hangars for its non-volatile, non-corrosive and bio-degradable.

Easy and safe to use for electrical and electronic small sensitive components with hard to reach area. Solutions are non-hazardous and non-abrasive

Kitchen equipment, plumbing lines, grease traps, vents and fans, floors, walls, cleaning maintenance jobs.

Machine maintenance and overhauling, tools restoration.

Bio-Solv 12 Demonstration


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